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The Oromocto Skating Club offers programs for all ages 

Pre-Canskate,Canskate, Junior Programs  , PreStarSkate and SeniorStarskate programs are held at both the King's Arrow Arena and the Soldier's  Arena's. 

 Pre -Canskate~   Children typically  3-5 years old, may or may not have been on the ice before.

 The program is designed to introduce children to the ice, and prepare them for Canskate. The children are taught the basics of skating,in a group format,  through fun based small group lessons,using music, and  teaching aids such as teddy bears, balls ect. This program will teach skaters to skate forwards and backwards , turn and stop,in preparation for Canskate .   This program is taught by our Professional  Skate Canada Certified Coaches and trained Program Assistants.....this is a one day program. All skaters must wear CSA approved Helmets and masks are recommended.


Canskate ~ Pre Junior.... Children who are learning to skate but may be older than a  Pre Canskate  skater. These skaters will be working on their Canskate badges in a group format.This program consists of 6 badges, and an hour of continuous movement, with circuits and exercises set to music. This one day program is taught by our Professional Skate Canada Certified Coaches, and trained Program Assistants. Pre Junior  is a two day program, however , a one day may be considered, if spaces are available. All skaters must wear helmets, until they have passed badge 4,however even then, helmets are still recommended.


Junior StarSkate ~  is a program being offered by our club 2015-16  to smooth the transition from the Canskate program to the Skate Canada Starskate program. This program provides group instruction along  with the opportunity of individual private lessons with a professional coach.  Skaters wishing to have private lessons from  our  Club Coaches, will be required to pay an additional fee and contact the Head Club coach directly. Private lessons may be shared up to 3 skaters, please note, skaters tend to advance more quickly with private lesson instruction. Information and bio's for our Club coaches are listed on our website. The Junior program is ideal for skaters who have passed stage 5  in the new Canskate program,and wish to skate 2 days per week.


Pre StarSkate ~ This program is for skaters who have already completed the Junior program  and wish to take their skating to a higher degree, they will train to take Skate Canada Star tests, and compete at Skate Canada competitions. This program is a minimum 2 to 3 day program, and most instruction is by private lessons , however, stroking sessions and ice show instruction are included in the registration fees.  

These skaters share  some ice with the Junior and Senior group.

Senior Star Skate ----this is a  3 day program, this includes stroking sessions, and ice show instruction.All other instruction is by Private lessons. This program is ideal for skaters wanting to compete at the Skate Canada  Starskate competitions, and for skaters wishing to take Skate Canada  Star tests. Senior skaters share  some ice with the Pre Star group.


Adult classes may be available on Sunday afternoons 5pm  to 6pm at the Kings Arrow arena, if numbers permit. If you are interested in learning to skate , or want to improve your skills, we can help! call 459 7941 to put your name on our list.



Pre Canskate 

Canskate    pre Junior/Junior

Canskate 2 pre junior junior

Juniors and Pre Starskate & Adult learn to skate

Senior Starskate

Saturday 4:00-4:30 pm

Saturday  4:35-5:25 pm

Friday 5:30 to 6:30 pm

Sunday  5.00 - 6.00pm

Saturday 6:00-7:30 pm

Sunday 11:15-12:30 pm

Monday 6.45 . 8.15pm

 Kings Arrow Arena

Kings Arrow Arena

Soldiers Arena

Kings Arrow Arena
Kings Arrow Arena

Soldier's Arena

Kings Arrow Arena


 please note times can be subject to change due to hockey tournaments , ect

Oromocto Skating Club

2410 route 102





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