oromocto skaters


 OSC Program Director & Administrator --Deborah LeClair 

 President ---------------    Traci Strutt      

Past President   -------     Jacqueline Pidskalny       

Vice President ............    Melanie Gosselin 

Treasurer       --------        Betty LeClair

Secretary  -------               Sarah Dussault

Test Chair  ------               Justin LeClair

Competition Chair -------   Melanie Gosselin     

Registration  --------           Traci Strutt  

Director    ---------               Kristen Brown 

Director    ---------               Stacy Carr

CANSKATE   Programs                  Traci Strutt  Sarah Dussault

Our   Skate Canada Club Coaches:

Deborah LeClair and Jamie LeClair        Canskate and Starskate Programs                                                                          private lessons.Trained National Coach                                                                Certified National Coach 

Kailha Winter Smith                Skate Canada Canskate Coach Trained

Cassandra Swift                     Skate Canskate  Coach  in Training        

 Ben Ross                               Skate Canada    Coach in Training 












If anyone would like to contact any of our board members please email the club oromoctoskaters@live.ca. OSC will promptly reply to your email.

Oromocto Skating Club

P.O. Box 21023

Oromocto, N.B. E2V 2R9


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