1.       Absolutely NO gum, food or drinks other than a sports or water bottle are permitted on the ice.  Sports or water bottles may be placed on the boards with skaters going to this location to obtain a drink.  Sports or Water bottles must not be carried around on the ice.


2.       Only skaters in good standing with Skate Canada are eligible to skate on club sessions.


3.       Skaters are not to have cell phones or any other electronic device on the ice.


4.       Skaters (especially PA's) should arrive about ten minutes early so they are ready to go on the ice when the session begins.


5.       The rink doors must be closed at all times during a skating session.


6.       RIGHT OF WAY ON THE ICE:  1. Skater in a lesson, 2. Skaters who are practicing their program with their music.


7.       MUSIC:  Priority is given to a skater having a lesson.  A skater’s music may only be played once if others are waiting.  Skaters are allowed to play their choice of appropriate music when the stereo becomes free.


8.       SAFETY ON THE ICE:  1. Skaters should be moving on the ice at all times and must move next to the boards if they wish to stop, 2. When skating always look in the direction of travel, 3. Prolonged sitting or lying on the ice after falling is prohibited.


9.       Intentional kicking or digging at the ice with skate blades is prohibited



10.    Profanity and bullying is strictly prohibited. The skater will be asked to leave the ice.


12.    Any parent who wishes to speak with a coach regarding their child should do so after the session is over.


13.    Lack of RESPECT towards coaches and board members  within the rink will not be tolerated.


14.    We expect our senior skaters to act as exemplary role models for our younger skaters on and off the ice.


15.    Due to insurance regulations, no-one is permitted onto the ice surface unless they are a registered member of Skate Canada.


16.    Parents are responsible for their children, not coaches or executive members, all Canskaters Juniors, skaters under 12 years old and must have a responsible adult present within the rink during their sessions.


17.    Any concern or problem should be directed to an executive member who is at the rink at that time.


18.    Remember everyone is equal on the ice.


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